Thrive island

Thrive island 2.2 released


Welcome to the new website.  The old website had some issues with management, therefor I have moved the website to a managed service which will save lot of hassle.

The latest, highly anticipated update is finally being rolled out.  Apologies for the long delay but alot of this update was really needed.  Although time intensive it was important to lay the foundations of this new stuff going forward.  In the future there will be much more frequent smaller updates and I am excited about the new things to come following this update.  This is the biggest update to date and includes lots of improvements and content.  I have tried to add as much suggested ideas as possible and hopefully you find something you suggested.

This update will wipe all previous data.

Free changes

The free version has been republished due to complications.  Previous installed versions will still update but it recommended you download the new free version here.  This will not affect your PAID installed versions.

The free version is now UNLIMITED time, no more timed demos.   There is some premium content and islands which are only accessible in the premium paid versions.


New Content

There is new characters added, along with a range of craftable clothing and armor.  There will be plenty more aspects and clothing added in future but this gives a good baseline of new clothing to start.

There is quite a wide range of new content added and some new aspects of gameplay.  There is now new cauldrons, pestle and mortars, glass making and brew recipes.  You can start brewing by digging sand from the new Savannah island.  Every brews base recipe is crushed bone and water.  There is also a range of new materials available around the world.

Islands now have random weathers, such as rain, snow and sandstorms.

Tiki torches and new building has been added along with world maps.

Lead has been added and is possible to craft radiation jackets.

Stamina now plays more of a role in the game and you can no longer swim endlessly, you can now craft boats to travel the waters.

Creative mode has been added in the paid version and will allow you God mode and unlimited crafting.

There is also a lot more content added which you will need to find out yourself.  There is also a huge amount of performance and optimization.

Going forward

I am going to focus alot more on smaller more regular updates from now.  All the big stuff is done such as island structure, clothing, transport and recipes.

Some stuff I was planning got cut from this update for now, although I have it 90% completed such as animal taming and horse riding, arctic island and traps.  All this is almost done but I feel they need more work to make it integrate into gameplay more.  They will all be coming in the following updates in near future.

Along with new islands, I want to focus more on taming new animals.  I am also working on making food not last forever like real food where it can go moldy.  This is pave way for more opportunities for food gathering such as farming and fishing.

Another priority is Tribal enemies/friendly’s.  These will introduce alot of new gameplay and I am excited to get them more fleshed out and integrated with gameplay.

iOS is high priority, although I am planning on introducing multiplayer first.  Multiplayer is the main goal once enemies are added.  At this point, I feel there will be enough content and gameplay to add multiplayer which will open a whole new realm of opportunities.


This was a huge update, mainly due to the things added being time intensive.  There is so much in the works and lots planned.  There will be alot more regular updates and I am excited to release more stuff I have been working on.








6 thoughts on “Thrive island 2.2 released

  1. I am playing in Survival mode, and I’m trying to swim from the shore where the mine is to the opposite shore where my building is, and I’m unable to swim anywhere. I’m stuck in the same spot.
    My stamina is at 24, so I should be able to swim, however I can’t. Also my stamina is stuck at 24.


  2. Same thing happened again. I started a new game, and I died and respawned in the middle of the river and now I am stuck again. Unable to move from that spot even though I’m going through the swimming motion.


  3. Am I missing something? How/where do you download the new version?
    Itch/io is still showing the 2.01 as being the latest version.


  4. Really excellent game with a ton of potential. At some point it would be awesome to have a story mode or campaign mode but clearly it is a way off. Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

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