Thrive island

Update 2.22 Released


This update has mainly focused on fixing issues from the recent 2.2 update although there has been several game changes and additions.

You will automatically get your updates on Android, and the latest PC & Mac versions are also available at

There has been lots of optimization and performance improvements made in this update. It should run much better than before although I feel there is still room for improvement in following updates.


Clothing will now be easier to craft – animal hides rates have improved and cloth requires less. Coal is now obtainable from using logs on fires and you can now craft temporary cloth beds.

Animations & controls have been improved. There is also a new option for auto attacking animals within range. This is optional, but is default on Android

There are many changes, see the full list here:

I will now be working on further performance improvement and new things which I have in the pipeline for the next update. Horse riding/taming is almost finished and the new food system is making good progress. I have made huge steps towards multiplayer although it will probably be a little while before its ready to roll out. iOS is also almost ready.
Thanks for your patience and support, have fun!


9 thoughts on “Update 2.22 Released

  1. I want to know if the 40% sale is started on the Pc version. You’d said the sale would also include the pc and Mac versions as soon as they were updated.


  2. Great update, and finally the new version on PC! Thanks.


  3. Like the game! the update helps alot. Is there only 3 islands or am I missing something?


  4. Good game but l can’t play next step.


  5. please tell me how I can find molten glass


  6. please how I can find the molten glass


  7. I am still unbleached to collect any sand. This is obviously a huge flaw because it completely makes brewing useless. Also, the boat interface needs to be fixed so that it’s not possible to so easily and accidentally vacate your boat in mid stroke shooting your boat 10 miles away!


  8. Hi I bought the full version for my tablet it was working good, but had to reinstall now it’s saying buy again.


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