Thrive island

Update 2.32 Released


This update is quite a small update fixing quite a few issues from the last update.  There has been a lot of performance improvements and hopefully this will help across all platforms.


  • Water wells have been added.  Now you can access water closer to home
  • PC/Mac are now 32-64 bit
  • All digging has been fixed on the desert island.
  • There has been many smaller fixes and improvements from the last update.

For mobile free versions, you can now In-app purchase the full game.  This allows you to continue your game without losing any data after purchase.

What’s next?

I have been mostly working on multiplayer for the past few weeks and it’s about 80% complete.  I have also been working on one last major update for single player before releasing the multiplayer.

Within the next couple of weeks I will be releasing this update, which includes most of the suggested ideas, plus a few other things which I feel are necessary before multiplayer.

  • Random generated islands
    • These will be fully randomly, procedurally generated islands with alot more detail than so far.  Rather than travelling miles and miles in empty ocean it will feel alot more closer and better biomes.
  • Horses, riding & taming
  • Building furniture
  • Fishing & food degrading
    • Food will no longer last forever thus giving you new ways to hunt for food and storage
  • New building materials
    • This will play a much better role when it comes to new enemies and multiplayer
  • Enemys/Friendlys/Tribal warriors

These are all new aspects which are very close to being finished and will add a whole new dimension to gameplay.  I would’ve liked to release multiplayer by now, but feel these last things are much needed first.


Thanks for your support and get ready!


21 thoughts on “Update 2.32 Released

  1. Hi John

    Updated to 2.30 beta on android today. Have noticed that animals are static, they are animated. For example chickens change from pecking to running mode but don’t move across the landscape. Same is true for cattle.


  2. i have problem to get molten glass at update 2.32 i digging at every but my bucket still not get sand,


  3. Hello, Does anyone else’s screen lock on all black in between islands…like heading south from the dessert island?


  4. Hi,I can’t store Leather jacket F and I can’t wear cloth pants F. Please check it.


  5. Cloth pants F is my misunderstanding
    . I can wear cloth pants F. sorry.


  6. Danke für das neue Update von Android


  7. Hey dude i really appriciate ur work and game but how do u find the cave mine?


  8. Na minha opinião esse jogo é um dos melhores pois , esse jogo te faz pensar em sobreviver , mas não é tão bom assim em celulares ruims só se abaixar os gráficos deixando o jogo assim feio mas jogo assim mesmo pois sei que esse jogo é um dons melhore , mas arrumem isso deixando para colocar na qulaidade maxima para celulares ruims e façam o multiplayer logo . Thanks


  9. Any info available on how to find the other islands??? I roam the seas forever but don’t really have any idea where to look. I don’t know if I should just keep going in one direction, of it I should change direction, out if I’m just totally lost. I am playing on the Android platform.


    • First of all the starter island is divided into 3 sections by water it is not 3 separate islands. The Cave is on the North section, the tall pines on the SE and the colorful tress on the SW section. The volcano Island is to the N of the Cave section of the starter island and the Desert/Sand island is due Ease of the valley between the mountains on the SE side with the tall pines. Just follow the waterways between the sections it should take you to them. Those are all I have located thus far.


    • I have noticed you start to see their reflections in the water when your skills get high enough to visit them so if your not seeing them yet try leveling up some. Also as you level various other animals and things start to appear. The higher the skills the more plentiful and somewhat dangerous they all become. I would not recommend visiting the Sand island till you are above 45 in hunting the higher the better.


  10. Assim que vi o game gostei muito e após joga-lo gratuito decidi comprar; logo depois de construir o bote e partir para outros biomas tive o a infeliz surpresa de não encontrar nenhum deles. O desenvolvedor do game pode fazer algo a respeito?


  11. Can’t wait for the new update and keep up the good work


  12. How can i update the full version in the game it’s not working and where can i dig and how to find glass also the boat is not getting yet
    Please help me guys


  13. Multiplayer is added
    We can tame animals


  14. Hey, I’m bout to let my subscribers know bout your future updates, I can’t wait for them to be released


  15. Here’s my video about the upcoming update, enjoy


  16. Actually I play this game, this game very abundant. My questions is why the character can not crouch, thanks…


  17. I have a few ideas, and some concerns as well.

    Concerns are first, as they’re fewer in number than ideas. #1. Iron Ore drops are quite low compared to Stone and Coal drops when mining early in the game. #2. Exiting the game on the Volcanic and Desert islands causes the game to eventually default back to the main island, and drop you into the sea regardless of your position on the “harvesting” islands. #3. String cost is a bit high for the hide drops, and Stag Horns are difficult to get without using up at least 21 arrows in the process, not including poor aim. Maybe improve the drop rates, or slow the running speed of the deer? As for the String, a ratio of 2 string for each Animal Hide would be a bit easier to manage.

    Now for the Ideas list.
    1. Add in more glass crafts, such as Glass Windows, dishes, Glass Doors, and a telescope or similar item.
    2. Add in Seeds, to grow crops or crafting items in set locations.
    3. Add dirt as a feature, to build garden boxes with. Example would be 4 Logs + 1 Dirt to make 1 Garden Box. Mostly for if you like the crop growing idea.
    4. Add more heat options, like a fireplace (Stone, Logs, and Coal for possible materials), and add more clothing options with different materials. I get a surplus of Bear fur and Wolf skins just from having one sleeping fur already crafted, so having options for using those surplus items would be appreciated by many.
    5. Add direction buttons to allow better camera movement. Right now, the camera and motion controls both take up half the screen. Limiting the movement controls to buttons will help keep people from accidentally walking into the fire pits when trying to open the device screen to check battery or notifications during gameplay.
    6. Add in Spears as an early-game weapon. The cost for making Machetes and Bows is rather high for an early-game weapon, with bows doing little damage compared to a pickaxe (therefore useless unless you hunt Deer) and having high long-term crafting costs for ammo, not to mention that both weapons require hunting (and risking injury) to obtain at all. Spears would have lower crafting costs (Stone and Wood, compared to needing Animal Hides to craft), and do a bit more damage than the other Stone and Wood tools or weapons of similar materials. Would save time harvesting Iron and Steel ores in the long run, at least.
    7. Add in battery saving features for mobile devices. Right now, the app takes 188 mAh (battery consumption rate) to run, and lower capacity devices can’t handle that long-term. At least, for people who need the extra battery life. Some phones only get about 2700 mAh average battery capacity. Other phones have 2600 mAh, at best. If you could find a way to add in a power-saving mode for the settings menu, that would help for people who like playing mobile games while away from home. My Samsung tablet dies within three hours while running the Thrive Island full version app, with my gaming phone (Sony Xperia X model) lasting about 6 to 8 hours at most before starting to run low. Granted, I only had the phone for just under a week, and always kept it charged out of habit, so I don’t have an accurate estimate for long term battery use on that phone.
    8. Add in rope crafting for navigating caves easier. The map is not usable for caves, and I get freaked out before I can even find out what the caves have to offer, either because I don’t know what to expect if I travel too far in, or because I keep expecting some eldritch horror to jumpscare me halfway into the first tunnel. I play too many horror games to be able to handle mundane tunnels without getting freaked out by the situation, especially when the Compass and Map don’t work. Half the survival games on Amazon involve Slenderman or some other paranormal stuff, and I always expect something like that when dungeons are involved.

    If you could also reply back with information regarding the purpose of the cave dungeons, that would help a lot in deciding whether or not to attempt navigating the caves during Survival Mode gameplay.


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