Thrive island

Thrive island – Online released.

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It’s been a long road and a lot of work, but Thrive island online is now finally released on Google Play.

You can download the new game here:


This is early alpha access, there may be bugs, issues and limited content. This is a continued development and many updates will follow.

Currently there is 1 game mode which is Battle royale/last man standing. There will be more modes added included open world survival as soon as possible.

There is currently limited plays per day and you will receive one free play per 3 hours. You can watch an ad for more freeplays or buy more. This will support server costs.
Use code ALPHA1 in game for free unlimited plays until 29th September


There is much more gamemodes and content planned including:
Open world mode
Cosmetics & customizable characters
Highscores & leaderboards
New guns, wildlife & airdrops
More player limits & teams
Voice chat & much more


iOS will be released and PC will be updated once the release is stable.

Single player will soon be updated to include all the new content and optimization.

Thankyou to everyone for your continued support and patience, without you this would never of been possible. I appreciate all your support and feedback so much. Have fun!


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