Thrive island

Upcoming update & Plans

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There is a new update 1.95 coming today with lots of bug fixes, improvements, weapons, buildings, barricades and clothing. Controls should be dramatically improved too.

The next focus will be new game modes – Openworld & Teams Co-op along with global leaderboards & wildlife.

I will be aiming to do weekly updates and will be releasing on iOS this month.

2.0 snap

Single player
Lots of people have been asking about Single player and I have seen some concerns about the single player updates. Everything with the new online version has been redeveloped from the ground up to be a lot more efficient updating and performance.

So I will be eventually merging Single player with online mode once all the content that is in Single player is in online mode (Caves, biomes, wildlife, brewing, boats and more).

I feel some things in Single player should be improved, such as travelling to lava/desert biomes, wildlife AI and other aspects. Once all the old content and new content surpasses the current Single player and improved, I will be updating Single player with everything new. This will also include the open world co-op multiplayer.

I am working as hard as I can to update Single player mode and will keep you updated as the time nears.



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