Thrive island

Recent changes

6 April 2016 – 2.22

Added coal from putting logs on fires
Added cloth beds
Increased animal hide drops
Improved controls
Fixed boat interaction and rowing
Fixed deploying while swimming
Fixed getting stuck in water – swimming
Added auto attack option – default ON mobile
Added particle/weather setting optional
Made night time brighter
Lowered cloth crafting cost
Fixed player setting on fire
Fixed deploying issues
Fix islands loadng
Fixed mob looting
Improved item/mob detection
Fixed control panel interactions
Fix animal distance attack
Changed some item descriptions
Fixed falling off foundation steps
Fixed crushed materials craft quantity
Fixed sandstorm on savannah
Removed all window/panel animations
Fixed interact/deploying getting stuck
Fixed/Improved grass
Fixed floating logs/stones
Fixed stone pile interact icon
Reduced ads on free version
Improved death animations and optimized
Improved walking animation transitions
Fixed bucket trying to refill too fast
Fixed cave and island loading issues
Fixed settings on titlescreen
Sped up settings changing
Fixed death animation in water
Increased hide/blood drops in caves
Sped up clothes loading start game
Optimized all trees
Optimized UI
Optimized graphics & settings


24 March 2016 – 2.20

Added new characters & animations
Added player clothing & armor
Added creativity / survival mode
Added new Savannah island
Added weather & seasons
Added boats & paddles & nails
Added new animals & items
Added tiki torches
Added brewing & brews
Added cauldron & bones
Added sugar canes & fiber
Added new upgraded building modules
Added world maps
Added lead & new mining
Added radiation pill alerts
Added sand digging & buckets of sand
Added glass blowing pipe & glass making
Added waterskins
Added lots of new brewing recipes & resources
Added radiation jackets
Added cacti
Add set spawn potions
Fixed HUGE amount of bugs & issues
Lots of optimization & performance
And lots more.